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Anti-theft infrared alarm

Anti-theft infrared alarm
Model: JEA568-A
Unit: PCS
Min order: 20
Product Description:
Anti-theft infrared alarm
1, For home, office, store, warehouse and other situations.
2, Detection distance: <5m-high sensitive; >5m low sensitive.
3, Send piercing sound automatically when someone pass through or close to.
4, Sound is big enough to alert people even in noisy conditions.
How to use:
A: Insert 4pcs of AA battery or connected to 6V DC adapter.
B: Turn on the device by remote; green light will be seen for 20 seconds, which is leaving period(waiting period), then turned off automatically.
C: The device is working now, if someone pass through or close to, device will be activated.
D: Alarm will be turned off automatically in 30 seconds if not interfered; Then, under normal working condition again.
E, If signal detected again, alarm will repeat.
F: You can turn off/on the device anytime by remote, if not needed or needed again.

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Technique parameter:
Detection distance: <5m-high sensitive; >5m low sensitive.

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