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How to choose promotional gifts

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How to choose promotional gifts
Promotional gifts are mostly used as giveaways or presents freely. However, if not selected under consideration, it can not achieve desired effect, on the other hand, damage enterprise's image. The author was once donating blood in Shenzhen Blood Donation center, was afterward awarded a gift for memorial. It is a pocket calculator with name card holder which was popular a few years ago in the market. When the author returns home and opened the package, turned on calculator, to his surprise, LCD did not function properly, there are some numbers did not display fully. Suddenly, his image to Blood center is greatly discounted.
First: as presents for Blood donator, this gift is not suitable. Transparently, it is cheap junk goods that sold by street pedder, which has great difference to donator's contribution and does not have connection with center's business.
Second: even budget on gifts is limited, we need to consider quality and praticalbility. It does not matter if there is no presents at all. However, if there is, need to be good.
So, we can make some conclution on how to choose promotional merchandise:
First:  relevance, does the present have connection with the business of the enterprise/organization? If the company is in Lighting business, we can choose small LED gifts like: LED keychain, projection keychain, book light. 
Second: practicability, that we need to consider if the gifts are useful for customers. For example, travel adapter is good item for hotel, travel agent, bank; bottle opener for beer, wine companies.
Third: value, that we need to think about gift price, and profit that potential customer's will or have brought to us. If gifts are for general customer like giveaways for open or anniversary ceremony, we can consider cheaper items like 
LED keychains, promotion pens, led candle, metal keychains, book lights that are under USD$1. If already cooperated customer, we can choose items with higher value, like travel adapter, wall clock, thermometer, LED message fans.
Forth: durability, this term mainly concerns gifts's usage time. For example: pens, keychain lights last for several months. While bottle opener, travel adapter, wall clock, can last many years.
Fifth: visiblity, for small items only seen by a few people. While, umbrella is a moving advertisement, which can makes wide brand-spread. Wall clock is good too, especially when it is hung on public area.
Tell us your application and budget, will select and suggest to best suit your scheme.

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