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How to choose the promotion present

Views:5     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-12-15      Origin:Site

The promotion present originally possibly only takes one kind of free complimentary gift in the majority of fields, but if does not pass through considered carefully, screening, not only cannot achieve the wish the effect, sometimes instead will create the harm to the enterprise image.

The author once gave blood in Shenzhen blood center, at that time the center has delivered a souvenir. Is one is printed with the central LOGO famous film magazine calculator, the outside wrapping is light one-sided Bai Caihe, the estimate procurement cost 2-3 Yuan appearance. As soon as the author taking the goods home turns on the power source to look that discovered unexpectedly the LCD demonstration lacks the picture. Sells at a discount greatly immediately to the blood center's image. First, takes to donates blood without compensation encourages or the repayment, the author recognizes the present not too to be suitable for this reason, can see the stall goods very obviously which is manufactures in a rough way, this puts in the difference with the blood donor to be too far, moreover also does not have big contacting with the blood center's service; Second, even if budgets limitedly, can bestow the cheap souvenir only, then also in chooses supplier's time must pay great attention the product quality and the usability. Does not deliver the words, have not related, deliver the shoddy goods to be inferior not to deliver, pour appear neat.

How then can choose the promotion present? Must consider the following several aspects: First, complimentary gift and enterprise image whether to have the relation; Second, complimentary gift whether to suit the goal customer community, namely present usability. Third, price and scale.

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